ISSA Security Awareness Column July 2012 – Security Induction Sessions

One of the small mercies of being a security consultant is that I’m usually spared the ordeal of attending information security induction sessions. Recently however I was asked to review the induction process for a European organisation. It was classic death by PowerPoint. It included organisational charts of the security function, strategic plans for ISO certification and pages and pages of security policy requirements. The conclusion of the session was a quiz on facts from the security policy.

Why do we do this? Why do we make people’s first contact with information security an ordeal for insomniacs? Consider that in people’s first week at a new job they’re usually nervous and on edge. Accompanying this will be elevated levels of adrenaline and cortisol (a stress hormone) which is not conducive for learning. In some ways we’ve picked the worst week to deliver training.

What is it that we’re trying to achieve with induction sessions? Is there a benefit to users being able to describe the organisational structure of the security department? Surely they would only need to know how to contact the security department in the event of an incident? What benefit is there for users knowing the ISO certification strategy? They might be things we want to tell them, but do they care? We seem to make the mistake as technical experts by selecting the information we want to tell people, not the information people need to know or are disposed to listening to.